The organization of the market

The Zuidlaardermarkt consists originally of three sections:  
1. the horse market 
2. the general goods market
3. the fairground


The horse market
In 2005 the market supply recovered positively compared to 2004, that is to say with 24 horses. This year there were no uncertainties with regard to the obligation of a passport or a chip for a horse or pony. Every horse or pony must have a passport or chip.

The cattle market
Due to the FMD-problems the annual markets are still closed for the cattle trade. We will of course closely watch the developments, because cattle are an essential part of the market.

The general goods market
The number of applicants for the ambulatory trade was the same as in other years. The market superintendent receives over 400 applications each year, but he can only offer a place to 350 traders. The total length of the stall market is 4.2 km. In the market you will find a wide variety of goods, including flowers, plants, bulbs, textiles, accessories for horses, hardware, regional specialties and of course the famous "Zuidlaarderbol"!

The fairground
The fairground held on the occasion of the Zuidlaardermarkt is one of the largest in North of the Netherlands. About 35 attractions for young and old are set up on the Brink.

The Municipality of Tynaarlo organizes the market. The manager of the markets and the fairground (market superintendent) plays a key role in the organization. Immediately after the evaluation of the market, the preparations for the next one start by establishing contacts with the fairground ride owners.
Public Order and Safety
During the Zuidlaardermarkt the following services will be on a 24 hour stand-by in the R.C. Parish near the Rabobank: - 40 employees of R.A.V. (regional ambulance transport)/ First Aid Post
Members of MAI and First Aid (E.H.B.O.)
Police officers
- Members of a club will take care of fencing off the market area and will supervise the parking of the cattle-trucks.
Volunteers will take care of the entrance check at the horse market, offer assistance and directions to the general goods market and take care of the mobile power supply.

Power supply for the general goods market
- 12 pcs. 60 kVA generators 
- 6 pcs. 806thgenerators 
- 36 pcs. 63A boxes 
- 74 pcs. 32A portable boxes 
1800 metres cabling


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