The history of the "Zuidlaardermarkt"

Is there anybody in the area who has never heard of the "Zuidlaardermarkt"?

Perhaps you have visited the "Zuidlaardermarkt" yourself. The Zuidlaardermarkt was and is an important day for many people. Not only for the shivery type - indeed according to an old Drents custom, the stove should not be lit until the day of the Zuidlaardermarkt - but also for many people who go there to do business or to party. See also an interesting short piece of history, written by Harry Perton.

Old days
The arrival of animals in the olden days

How did this market, which now attracts some 150,000 visitors a year, originate?
As far back as 1200!
The year 1200 is considered the year that the market was first held. But there must have been a "Zuidlaardermarkt" as far back as the year 1000. The monks of the monastery of Aduard travelled on horseback to Zuidlaren to collect their rent and to do business. The first story that has actually been preserved is the raid on the market in 1232. In that year the Drents and the Fivelingoers besieged the town of Groningen. But the townspeople of Groningen made a sortie and pursued the besiegers to Zuidlaren, where the market was taking place. The market-goers fled in panic leaving all their belongings behind. The village was destroyed during this raid and even the church went up in flames. 

The favourable location
The favourable location of Zuidlaren has promoted the development and preservation of the largest horse and cattle market of Europe. Particularly its location on the main road to the south and near the crossing of the roads to Groningen and North Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg has played an important role.

The name "Zuidlaardermarkt"®
Since 2001 the name "Zuidlaardermarkt" has been protected, hence the addition of the ® symbol. This is to prevent anyone, other than the registered party, which is the Municipality of Tynaarlo, from using this name to their advantage. Not only the name, but also the logo with the specific colours and the famous 'Boertje' (farmer) is now protected. Improper use will therefore be punished!

Did you know there is a Zuidlaardermarkt songIn the 10th edition (1945)  of "Drenthe" (a monthly paper) the official Zuidlaardermarket song is published.


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