The Horse market

According to Willem Dekker (of the 'Dagblad van het Noorden' newspaper) the Zuidlaardermarkt is still "as strong as a horse".

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This has to do with the great interest for this market from traders, horse lovers and horse owners from all over Europe. At the Zuidlaardermarkt you meet people from Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Italy, England and many from Germany. Horses and ponies for the export can be inspected in the riding-school.

As a matter of fact all horses and ponies will be inspected by a veterinarian at the entrances and after payment of the market tolls, 2 euro per horse/pony, people are allowed to enter the market to find a suitable place at a hitching bar. A hitching bar is a thick rope stretched between two solid wooden poles. The distance between the poles is approximately 5 metres.

A regular group of traders book a number of hitching bars with their name on it each year. Some traders book as many as 8 bars, a total length of 40 metres, to which they tie their horses. If a potential buyer is found, the horse or pony can be walked on the specially built inspection track. All over the market drinking troughs and hay bales are placed for thirsty and hungry horses and ponies.



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