The general goods market

The general goods market is one of the three sections of the Zuidlaardermarkt. This market is not a weekly market, arts & crafts fair, flea market or a rummage market, but a genuine annual market, a large general goods market, which takes place once a year on a fixed date.


For the Zuidlaardermarkt this is always on the third Tuesday of October and for the Zuidlaarder Spring Fair always on the second Wednesday of April.

An annual market is a market with regulations. To qualify for this general goods market the applicant must comply with certain regulations. Only market vendors are admitted to the market. These are traders, who try to sell their goods at market places in different towns. You could call them travelling shopkeepers. The most important regulations are, that all applicants must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a market vendor and must be registered with the Central Registration Office for Ambulatory Trade. As proof copies of the registrations together with the application form must have been received by the Municipality of Tynaarlo before 1 August. If the application is not received on time or is incomplete, it will not be dealt with.

From 1 August the market is full, because the "fixed" places will be allocated first to traders from the previous year, who sent a new application. Newcomers will be put on a waiting list and suitable candidates for a vacant place will be taken from this list. Each year about 150 newcomers are put on the waiting list.

By mid September 80% of the market is allocated, after which all places on the market will be measured out. It will then become clear, how many metres are available for a newcomer. An important factor is then the space required for the stall and the article to be sold. The same trade next to or opposite each other would of course not be a good idea. Eventually a limited number of newcomers on the waiting list will be offered a place. The unlucky ones will receive a rejection in writing.

When all market places are filled, the participants will receive a giro payment slip for the market rates: Market rates 2014

All traders will receive an allocation letter, stating the section and stall number, for instance section C 106. This large market, with a length of approximately 4.2 kilometres, is divided up into an A, B, C and D section to make it easier to find your way. The sections are marked on the floor plan.

Approximately 2 weeks before the Zuidlaardermarkt, all stall places with their respective numbers will be sprayed on the road surface with road marking paint. On the day itself, the traders will follow the route to their section, where two volunteers will show the newcomers to their place. The sales can start at 06.00.


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